Paris 1889
Paris 1889

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Paris 1889 is a horrific and narrative cooperative game for 3 to 6 players that lasts 30 to 60 minutes.

In this game designed by Florian Fay and illustrated by David Sitbon, you play the role of a young adult living in a small town of the US at the end of the 1990s. Ten years after Greenville events, you meet you friends after a while at a former schoolmates reunion. After a few steps on the dancefloor, you decide to return to the Greenville underground to remember your epic adventures from ten years ago… and suddenly you find a magical portal !

Once again lured by the taste of adventure, you jump into that portal and return 110 years in the past, in Paris, 1889, where everything began. The Red Ring Sect and their leader, a monster called “Abomination” is ready to upset the balance between good and evil by using magical rings...

To end this, you must fight the Abomination or steal all the rings!

From 3 to 6 players, age 16     30 to 60 minutes
A game by Florian Fay – Artwork by David Sitbon
Cartes Paris

How to play?

Each round a different player takes the role of the Main Investigator. This player secretly associates the card that matches the most the story of all characters in play.

Once the Main Investigator has made their choice, the other players discuss together to find the card associated to their character. If they do so, their enquiry progresses and the group will be able to find all the rings to win the game!


How to win?

If the card association is right, the player takes the card and places upon the previous one. Their Character token moves on the Paris board and will sometimes find a Ring or an Item that will help the group. When all the Rings have been found, the players immediately win the game!

If the card association is wrong, the card is discarded, and the character token does not move on the Paris board. This make the character more vulnerable to the Beast that hunts the players by moving one space (sometimes two) every turn. If, at the end of a round, the Beast reaches a character on the Paris board, the Final Scene occurs!

During the Final Scene, players have an ultimate chance to win the game if they manage to find all the associations, with no mistake! To do so, the Main Investigator may use the Rings collected by the group during the game by placing them on the cards around the Paris board. The Ring token have a hole in the middle to help players focus on a particular detail on the card.


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- 1 Paris 1889 World’s Fair board
- 84 cards (80x120mm)
- 6 player boards
- 12 Character / Investigation tokens and 2 Beast tokens
- 6 Validation tokens
- 5 Ring tokens
- 4 Hunt tokens
- 4 Item tokens
- 1 Chest board
- 1 Eiffel Tower token (2 parts)
- 1 Beast token and its plastic base
- 1 rulebook in 2 languages (english, french)